About us

Magronite for Marble and Granite was founded in 2006, The company quickly developed its niche from an international exporter that focuses on exporting the Egyptian materials to EU and Gulf markets to becoming a local contractor, we also started importing our materials that is used in supply and apply. Similarly, we were expanding our export markets to North America and Africa. Since then, the company continued to expand its market presence internationally and locally, in 2011 we opened our factory in Sadat Industrial City with state of art Italian technology. That makes us manufacturers, exporters, importers and local contractors of marble and granite. Since then, Magronite for Marble and Granite is in continuous development and upgrading.  

Magronite for Marble and Granite is customer-oriented organization that offers customers a wide variety of products and services for the construction sector. We can supply you with a wide range of products.

  • Egyptian marble (slabs and tiles) (Polished, Flamed, Brushed, honed and push hammered).
  • Egyptian granite (slabs and tiles) (Polished, Flamed, Brushed, honed and push hammered).
  • Mosaic.

All are Cut-to-Size to suit your market standards.



      Following the philosophy of Total Quality Management, Magronite focuses on three important factors (Quality, Continuous follow up and respecting delivery deadlines).

Magronite for Marble & Granite is one of the leading companies in the industry that have combined their Sales and Operations units to smooth the connection between services delivered and the technology and processes that deliver them. After all, says Eng. Sameh Shehata, the Managing director of the company, customers are won or lost through the quality of the service they receive rather than any assessment of what part of the company delivered it. But even where functions depend closely on each other, integrating them poses a challenge. Magronite approaches it by encouraging its professional team to continuously change along with the organization—through new educational opportunities, ambitious collaborative goals, and an environment that supports and rewards outstanding performance.

Given the vastness of the economic change now under way, the temptation for many Companies will be to gaze, mesmerized, at the unfolding crisis. That’s a mistake, Magronite is not intending to do for at least one obvious reason which is to avoid impulsive, uncoordinated, and ultimately ineffective responses, thus evaluate an unusually broad set of macroeconomic outcomes and strategic responses and then act to make itself more flexible, aware, and resilient.

Magronite have a strategy. we do not mean most of the things people call strategy—mission statements, audacious goals, three- to five-year budget plans. we mean a real strategy.

By strategy, we mean a cohesive response to a challenge. A real strategy is neither a document nor a forecast but rather an overall approach based on a diagnosis of a challenge.

And our challenge will always remain exceeding our customers’ expectations!

Facts About US:


·        We value our customers: our policy is that our customers come first, we understand that if the customer is happy and making good money from our products, they will be loyal to us, so we always seek to fulfill our customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

·        We are factory owners: we produce all our products in house, we own a modern factory in Sadat Industrial zone, equipped with all manpower and machinery needed to deliver our products.

·        Strong supply chain: we understand that the quality starts from choosing a good block, so we have the experienced and loyal personal to supply our blocks that even do not come from our quarry.

·        Quality control: we have our unique 3 phase system for quality control. We have been practicing the system for years.

·        Delivery and packing:  we understand that to show that we are customer oriented, commitment to our due dates is necessary, also the safety of our personal and the products is essential for success, so we spend money and effort in that area.

·        Local contractors:  Our project-oriented customers appreciate the knowledge we gained from our supply and apply projects, that gave us the advantage to revise and advice our customers regarding their orders. Especially that we are a well-known stone contractor in Egypt,